LG Electronics -P509 Cell Phone User Manual

until. If it contains any pending messages, the
Drafts is displayed on the Accounts screen.
Please note that messages sent using an Exchange
account will not be located on the phone; they will,
however, be located on the Exchange server itself.
If you want to see your sent messages in the Sent
folder (or with the Sent label), you will often need to
open the Sent folder/label and select Refresh from
the options menu.
Working with Account Folders
Each account has Inbox, Outbox, Sent, and Drafts
folders. Depending on the features supported
by your account’s service provider, you may have
additional folders.
Adding and Editing Email Accounts
To add an email account
Press the Menu Key and touch Add account.
Touch the type of account you would like to add.
Then enter your email address and password and
touch Next.
Enter a name for the account, confirm how you
want your name to appear in outgoing mail, then
touch Done.