LG Electronics -P509 Cell Phone User Manual

136 LG-P509 | User Guide
DivX Mobile
ABOUT DIVX VIDEO: DivX® is a digital video
format created by DivX, Inc. This is an official DivX
Certified® device that plays DivX video. Visit www.
divx.com for more information and software tools to
convert your files into DivX video.
Certified® device must be registered in order to play
purchased DivX Video-on-Demand (VOD) movies.
To obtain your registration code, locate the DivX
VOD section in your device setup menu. Go to vod.
divx.com for more information on how to complete
your registration.
DivX Certified® to play DivX® video up to 320 x
DivX®, DivX Certified® and associated logos are
trademarks of DivX, Inc. and are used under license.