LG Electronics -P509 Cell Phone User Manual

Audio feedback: Turns sounds generated by
the Swype application on and off.
Vibrate on keypress: Activates a vibration
sensation as you enter text using the keypad.
Enable tip indicator: Turns on an on-screen
flashing indicator that provides helpful user
Swype Advanced Settings
Swype Advanced settings provides access to Swype
Advanced Operation settings.
Auto-spacing: Automatically inserts a space
between words. When you finish a word, just lift
your finger and start the next word.
Auto-capitalization: Automatically capitalizes
the first letter of a sentence.
Show complete trace: Sets the length of time
the word trace line remains on-screen as you
swipe across the screen.
Word choice window: Sets the amount of times
the word choice selection window displays
on screen. Move the slider between Never or
Always and touch OK.
Speed vs. accuracy: Sets how quickly Swype
responds to on-screen input. Move the slider
between Fast Response (speed) or Error
Tolerance (accuracy) and touch OK.