LG Electronics -P509 Cell Phone User Manual

NOTE: When using the USB tethering, your
phone can be connected to 3G network only.
Under the status of the USB tethering, Wi-Fi
network connection will be disabled.
To share your phone’s data connection as a
portable Wi-Fi hotspot
You can’t share your phone’s data connection
and SD card via USB at the same time. If you are
using your USB connection to make your SD card
available to your computer, you must disconnect it
On the Home screen, touch the
Launcher icon
and select Settings.
Touch Wireless & networks
Tethering &
portable hotspot.
Touch Portable Wi-Fi hotspot to place a
checkmark, which means the function is activated.
After a moment, the phone starts broadcasting
its Wi- Fi network name (SSID), so you can
connect to it with up to five computers or other
devices. An ongoing notification
is added
to the Status bar and Notifications panel.
When Portable Wi-Fi hotspot is checked, you
can change its network name or secure it.