LG Electronics -P509 Cell Phone User Manual

124 LG-P509 | User Guide
networks. When you check this option, you’re asked
whether you consent to allowing Google to use your
location when providing these services.
Use GPS Satellites – If you check Enable GPS
satellites, your phone will be determine your location
to street-level accuracy.
Set up screen lock – Set unlock pattern to secure
your phone. When setting this option, a set of
screens open and guide you through drawing a
screen unlock pattern. You can also set a PIN or
Password instead of a Pattern or leave it as None.
When you turn on your phone or wake up the
screen, you're prompted to draw your unlock pattern
to unlock the screen.
Set up Sim card lock – Set up a PIN to be required
for phone use or change the SIM PIN.
Visible passwords – Select to show passwords as
you type them or deselect to hide passwords.
Select device administrators – Add device
Use secure credentials – Allows you to access
secure certificates.
Install from SD card – Choose to install encrypted
certificates from your SD card.
Set password – Set or change the credential
storage password.