LG Electronics -P509 Cell Phone User Manual

168 LG-P509 | User Guide
For Your Safety
with wireless phones for convenience and comfort.
These systems reduce the absorption of RF energy
in the head because the phone, which is the source
of the RF emissions, will not be placed against the
head. On the other hand, if the phone is mounted
against the waist or other part of the body during
use, then that part of the body will absorb more RF
energy. Wireless phones marketed in the U.S. are
required to meet safety requirements regardless
of whether they are used against the head or
against the body. Either configuration should result
in compliance with the safety limit.” Also, if you
use your wireless phone while in a car, you can
use a phone with an antenna on the outside of
the vehicle. You should also read and follow your
wireless phone manufacturer’s instructions for the
safe operation of your phone.
Do wireless phones pose any special risks to
The FDA/FCC website states that “the scientific
evidence does not show a danger to users of
wireless communication devices, including children.”
The FDA/FCC website further states that “some
groups sponsored by other national governments
have advised that children be discouraged from
using wireless phones at all”. For example, the
Stewart Report from the United Kingdom [“UK”]