LG Electronics -P509 Cell Phone User Manual

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68 LG-P509 | User Guide
Voice Search
The Voice Search feature is a voice-activated
application that allows you to search for items via
the Google search engine.
YouTube is a video sharing website on which users
can view, upload and share videos.
Onscreen Keyboard
You can enter text using the onscreen keyboard.
The onscreen keyboard displays automatically on
the screen when you need to enter text. To manually
display the keyboard, simply touch a text field where
you want to enter text.
Text Input Methods
Swype (default): Swype™ is a text input
method that allows you to enter a word by
sliding your finger from letter to letter, lifting
your finger between words.
Android keyboard: The Android keyboard can
also be used to enter text. To switch to the
Android keyboard, touch and hold a text field,
then touch Input method
Android keyboard.