LG Electronics -P509 Cell Phone User Manual

fcc.gov/oet/rfsafety) gives directions for locating
the FCC identification number on your phone so
you can find your phone’s RF exposure level in the
online listing.
8. What has the FDA done to measure the
Radio Frequency energy coming from wireless
The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
(IEEE) is developing a technical standard for
measuring the Radio Frequency (RF) energy
exposure from wireless phones and other wireless
handsets with the participation and leadership
of FDA scientists and engineers. The standard,
“Recommended Practice for Determining the
Spatial-Peak Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) in
the Human Body Due to Wireless Communications
Devices: Experimental Techniques”, sets forth the
first consistent test methodology for measuring
the rate at which RF is deposited in the heads
of wireless phone users. The test method uses
a tissue-simulating model of the human head.
Standardized SAR test methodology is expected to
greatly improve the consistency of measurements
made at different laboratories on the same phone.
SAR is the measurement of the amount of energy
absorbed in tissue, either by the whole body or a
small part of the body. It is measured in watts/kg