LG Electronics -P509 Cell Phone User Manual

Touch a network to connect to it.
If the network is open, you are prompted
to confirm that you want to connect to that
network by touching Connect.
If the network is secured, you're prompted to
enter a password or other credentials. (Ask
your network administrator for details.)
The Status bar will display an icon that indicates
your Wi-Fi status.
7. Using a microSD card
Pictures, along with Music and Video files, can only
be saved to external memory.
In order to use the built-in camera, you must first
insert a microSD card to your phone.
Without inserting a memory card, you will not be
able to save pictures and video you have taken.
WARNING: Do not insert or remove the
memory card when the phone is on. Otherwise,
it may damage the memory card as well as your
phone, and the data stored on the memory card
may be corrupted. To remove the memory card
safely, please touch the Applicati
on Launcher
SD card & phone storage
Unmount SD card.