LG Electronics -P509 Cell Phone User Manual

WARNING: Placing a heavy object on the
phone or sitting on it can damage its LCD and
touch screen functionalities. Do not cover on the
LCD’s proximity sensor with a protective film. This
can cause the sensor to malfunction.
Phone icon accesses Dialer, Call log, Contacts,
and Favorites.
Menu Key opens a context menu with options
that affect the current screen of an application.
TIP: Press Menu Key whenever you touch an
application to check what options are available.
Home Key returns to the Home screen. If
you’re already viewing one of the Home screen
extension panes, it navigates you to the central
Home screen pane. Press and hold to view the
most recently used applications.
Power/Lock Key locks the screen. Press and
hold to open the phone options menu (for the
following options): Silent mode, Airplane mode,
and Power off.
Earpiece lets you hear callers and automated
Touchscreen displays all the information needed
to operate your phone, such as applications,
call status, date, time, signal status, and battery