LG Electronics -P509 Cell Phone User Manual

Changing your calendar view
From the Home screen, touch the Application
Launcher icon and select Calendar. Press the
Menu Key.
Select one of the following Calendar views: Day,
Week, Month, or Agenda.
ThinkFree Office
ThinkFree Office allows you to read documents and
provides limited edit functions for Microsoft Word,
Excel and PowerPoint. You cannot edit PDF files.
Touch and hold a file. Depending on the file type,
the following options are available: Open, Upload,
Rename, Move, Copy, Delete, Send and Properties.
Using options
Press the Menu Key to use the following options:
New – Add a new Document, Spreadsheet,
Presentation or Folder.
Refresh – Refresh data.
Sort – Sort by Name, Date or Size.
Preferences – Adjust ThinkFree Office settings.
Update – Allows you to adjust various ThinkFree
Office settings.
About – View more information about ThinkFree