LG Electronics -P509 Cell Phone User Manual

186 LG-P509 | User Guide
For Your Safety
(or milliwatts/g) of matter. This measurement
is used to determine whether a wireless phone
complies with safety guidelines.
9. What steps can I take to reduce my exposure
to Radio Frequency energy from my wireless
If there is a risk from these products — and at this
point we do not know that there is — it is probably
very small. But if you are concerned about avoiding
even potential risks, you can take a few simple steps
to minimize your exposure to Radio Frequency
(RF) energy. Since time is a key factor in how
much exposure a person receives, reducing the
amount of time spent using a wireless phone will
reduce RF exposure. If you must conduct extended
conversations by wireless phone every day, you
could place more distance between your body
and the source of the RF, since the exposure level
drops off dramatically with distance. For example,
you could use a headset and carry the wireless
phone away from your body or use a wireless
phone connected to a remote antenna. Again, the
scientific data does not demonstrate that wireless
phones are harmful. But if you are concerned about
the RF exposure from these products, you can use
measures like those described above to reduce
your RF exposure from wireless phone use.