LG Electronics -P509 Cell Phone User Manual

10. What about children using wireless phones?
The scientific evidence does not show a danger
to users of wireless phones, including children
and teenagers. If you want to take steps to lower
exposure to Radio Frequency (RF) energy, the
measures described above would apply to children
and teenagers using wireless phones. Reducing
the time of wireless phone use and increasing the
distance between the user and the RF source will
reduce RF exposure.
Some groups sponsored by other national
governments have advised that children be
discouraged from using wireless phones at all.
For example, the government in the United
Kingdom distributed leaflets containing such a
recommendation in December 2000. They noted
that no evidence exists that using a wireless phone
causes brain tumors or other ill effects. Their
recommendation to limit wireless phone use by
children was strictly precautionary; it was not based
on scientific evidence that any health hazard exists.
11. What about wireless phone interference with
medical equipment?
Radio Frequency (RF) energy from wireless phones
can interact with some electronic devices. For this
reason, the FDA helped develop a detailed test
method to measure Electro Magnetic Interference