LG Electronics -P509 Cell Phone User Manual

156 LG-P509 | User Guide
For Your Safety
Battery Information and Care
Please read the manual of proper installation and
removal of the battery.
Please read the manual of specified charger
about charging method.
Do not damage the power cord by bending,
twisting, or heating. Do not use the plug if it is
loose as it may cause electric shock or fire.
Do not place any heavy items on the power cord.
Do not allow the power cord to be crimped as it
may cause electric shock or fire.
Unplug the power cord prior to cleaning your
phone, and clean the power plug pin when it’s
dirty. When using the power plug, ensure that it’s
firmly connected. If not, it may cause excessive
heat or fire. If you put your phone in a pocket or
bag without covering the receptacle of the phone
(power plug pin), metallic articles (such as a coin,
paperclip or pen) may short-circuit the phone.
Short-circuit of the terminal may damage the
battery and cause an explosion. Always cover the
receptacle when not in use.
Recharge the battery after long periods of
non-use to maximize battery life. Battery life will
vary due to usage pattern and environmental