LG Electronics -P509 Cell Phone User Manual

The Accounts screen
The Accounts screen lists your Combined Inbox and
each of your email accounts.
Open the Email application. If you’re not on the
Account screen, press the Menu Key and touch
- Touch to open your Combined Inbox, with
messages sent to all of your accounts.
- Touch to open a list of your starred messages.
- Touch the folder icon to open the account’s
Select the Email service provider.
You can touch an account to view its Inbox. The
account from which you send email by default is
indicated with a checkmark.
To open your Combined Inbox
If you have configured Email to send and receive
email from more than one account, you can view all
messages sent to all accounts in your Combined
From the Home screen, touch Email.
Touch Combined Inbox (in the Accounts screen).
Messages in the Combined Inbox are color coded
along their left sides, by account, using the same
colors that are used for your accounts in the
Accounts screen.