Sony Ericsson G700 Cell Phone User Manual

12 Getting started
To turn on the phone
N Press and hold down the On/off
O Select Phone on.
P Select a language.
Q Enter your PIN, if requested.
R Select Done.
The start-up screen is referred to
as standby in this User guide.
IMEI (International Mobile
Equipment Identifier) is a 15-digit
number. Your operator can use
the IMEI number to enable a
complete barring of your phone if
it is stolen. The number is printed
underneath the battery
compartment. You can also view
the number on the phone display.
To view the IMEI number in your
From standby enter *#06#.
Your phone has a dedicated lock
key making it easy to lock and
unlock the keypad on your phone.
The automatic keylock on your
phone is turned on as default.
To turn off the automatic keylock
N From standby select Menu >
Settings > Security > Locks.
O Unmark the Automatic keylock
check box.
To lock and unlock the keypad
using the lock key
Press the lock key .
Before you can use your phone you
need to insert the SIM card, and insert
and charge the battery.
All languages except UK English will
be deleted once you have selected a
language. You can download
additional languages from
If you make a mistake when you enter
your PIN code, you can delete the
number by pressing . If you
enter the wrong PIN code three times
in a row, the SIM card is blocked. To
unblock it, you need to enter the PUK
code supplied with your SIM card.
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