Sony Ericsson G700 Cell Phone User Manual

6 Getting started
Welcome to the world of a G700
Business Edition user.
This User guide helps you get
started using your new phone. To
get the most out of your phone,
please read this chapter first.
The following symbols appear in
the User guide:
The complete user documentation
for your phone consists of:
rëÉê=ÖìáÇÉ – an overview of
your phone (this user guide).
eÉäé=áå=íÜÉ=éÜçåÉ=– in most
applications Help is available in
the More menu.
tÉÄ=ÖìáÇÉ – an up-to-date user
guide with step-by-step
instructions and additional
information on features
available in your phone. You
can access the Web guide at
To access the Web guide from
your phone
N From standby select Menu >
O Select More > View > Bookmarks >
Web Guide.
Use a moist cloth when you
clean the screen.
Only use the stylus provided, or
your fingertips, when selecting
items on the screen.
For detailed care instructions, see
Recommendations for care and
safe use of our products on page
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