Sony Ericsson G700 Cell Phone User Manual

Inbox in Messages – contains
all received messages except
email messages. In Menu >
Settings > Sounds & alerts >
Message alerts you can set how
you are notified when a
message is received.
Inbox in an email account –
contains the received email
messages for that particular
Outbox – contains messages
ready to be sent.
Drafts – contains messages that
are not ready to be sent. When
you are creating a message,
and exit the message before
sending it, you are asked if you
want to save it. If you select
Yes, the message is
automatically stored in this
Sent – contains sent messages.
SIM – a folder located on your
SIM card.
To create and send an SMS text
N Press on the keypad.
O Select Create new message >
P Enter the phone number of the
recipient using the keys, or tap To:
> Select contact and browse to
your contact.
Q Write the message and select
MMS picture messages can
include pictures, video clips,
animations and sound, organized
like a slide presentation with time-
based control of playback.
Before you can send and receive
multimedia messages, you need
to download MMS settings. You
can use the Internet wizard
available in the phone in Menu >
Settings > Connectivity > Internet
wizard or, if your operator is not
supported by this wizard, do this
manually. See Setting up Internet,
email and MMS in the Web guide.
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