Sony Ericsson G700 Cell Phone User Manual

To make or receive a phone call
your phone must be within range
of a network.
You can set how your phone
should choose an available
network when you are outside
your operator’s coverage area.
From standby you can find the
settings in Menu > Settings >
Connectivity > Mobile networks.
To make a call from standby
Enter the phone number
(including the area number) on the
keypad and select Call.
To make an international call
N From standby press and hold
down to get the
international call prefix.
O Enter the country/region code,
area code (without the first zero)
and phone number.
P Select Call.
To delete characters when
When entering a number, you can
delete characters by pressing
When dialling, you can choose in
the More menu whether to show
or hide your phone number to the
called party.
You can save up to nine of your
contacts as Speed contacts. This
means that you can call them
using abbreviated numbers
(numbers 1 – 9).
To set a speed contact (number)
N From standby select Menu >
Organizer > Speed contacts.
O Scroll to an empty position and
select Add.
P Select a contact in the list and
select Save.
To make a call to a speed
N From standby press the key 1 to 9
that corresponds to the stored
speed contact.
O Select Call.
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