Sony Ericsson G700 Cell Phone User Manual

28 Getting to know the phone
Write several Chinese characters
like " " in Chinese input mode.
Write several digits like "12345678"
in any input mode.
The on-screen keyboard enables you
to select characters and symbols with
the stylus. The on-screen keyboard
can be set to different languages.
To use the on-screen keyboard
N Tap the on-screen keyboard icon
located in the status bar.
O Use your stylus to use the on-screen
When in text entry mode, you can
More > Text options to find
more options.
To highlight text with the stylus
Hold and press the stylus at the end of
the text then drag the stylus across
the text.
To activate word suggestion
When in text entry mode, select
> Text options > Word suggestions.
You need to highlight text first before
using copy or cut functions.
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