Sony Ericsson G700 Cell Phone User Manual

42 Internet
RSS feeds allow you to see when
new content has been added to a
Web site. You can, for example,
get the latest headlines without
having to visit the Web site.
You can add feeds directly in the
RSS feeds application. An easier
way is to add feeds from within
the Internet browser.
To use RSS feeds you need an
Internet connection. See Setting
up Internet, email and MMS in the
Web guide.
N From standby select Menu >
Entertainment > RSS feeds.
O Select More [ Add feed and enter
the address to the feed.
P Select a folder to add the feed to.
To subscribe to an RSS feed
from the Internet browser
N From standby select Menu >
O Navigate to a page that offers
RSS feeds.
P Select and choose between the
available feeds.
Q Select a feed and which folder to
add it to.
To view an RSS feed
N From standby select Menu >
Entertainment > RSS feeds.
O Select a feed and select Open.
Use the Blog function to publish,
for example, your photos on the
To send a photo to a blog
N Navigate to your photo and select
O Select More > Send as > Blog.
P Enter a title and text.
Q Select Publish.
The first time you will get a
bookmark added in your phone
and information about how to edit
the blog on the internet.
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