Sony Ericsson G700 Cell Phone User Manual

34 Messaging
Before you can send or receive
messages (except for SMS text
messages) you need to set up the
necessary accounts. You can use
the Internet and Email wizards
provided in the phone to
download settings or do this
manually. See Setting up Internet,
email and MMS in the Web guide.
To start Messaging
Press on the keypad.
You can create, send and receive
different types of messages:
You can also receive:
The different types of messages
are handled by different accounts.
The default account, Messages,
handles all messages except
email messages. Email messages
are handled by email accounts
you create yourself. All accounts
consist of a number of folders.
You can switch between folders
by selecting the arrow beside the
folder name:
SMS (Short Message
Service) – text messages
MMS (Multimedia
Message Service) – picture
messages that can include
text, pictures and sound
Email messages
Beamed messages via
Auto setup files for
configuring Internet, email
and MMS
Area information
messages such as local
road reports
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