Sony Ericsson G700 Cell Phone User Manual

27Getting to know the phone
To write extended characters
N Select English as the input language.
O Draw a slash mark "/" from the bottom
up, followed by an extended character
below the arrow. For example, to input
"%", write "/%" below the arrow.
To use special gestures
Use special gestures to perform
functions like deleting characters and
entering spaces.
To use multi-character recognition
N Switch to multi-character recognition
by drawing
O You can enter several characters at
one time. For example:
Write one English word like "hello"
in English input mode.
You can also tap the icon and select
often-used symbols using your stylus.
Switch between single-
character and multi-character
Switch between Chinese and
English input languages
Cut highlighted text
Copy text
Paste text
Undo an action
For more information on how to
highlight text, go to To highlight text
with the stylus on page 28.
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