Sony Ericsson G700 Cell Phone User Manual

55More features
You can install applications and
other content you use often, for
example, ringtones in the phone
memory since the memory card is
sometimes unavailable when the
phone is connected to a
To install an application
N From standby select Menu >
Settings > General > Install.
O Select the application and choose
Details to view information about
the certificate.
P If the certificate details are OK,
select Install and follow the
instructions in the phone. The
application is installed in the
Entertainment folder.
Sometimes it is necessary to
remove installed applications to
free up storage space.
To remove an application
N From standby select Menu >
Settings > General > Uninstall.
O Select the application and select
Uninstall > Yes.
To reset the phone
N From standby select Menu >
Settings > General > Master reset.
O If you want to keep installed
applications, unmark Delete all
user installed applications.
P Select Delete > Yes.
Q Enter the phone lock code and
select Done.
To save power, you can set the
display to go blank after a period
of inactivity.
From standby you can select Menu >
Entertainment > More applications
to find links to additional applications
for your phone. Some of the
applications are free of charge or free
to try out.
All user data, as well as preinstalled
media files (including, for example,
backgrounds, ringtones and pictures),
is deleted and factory settings
If you back up your user data using
PC Suite for Sony Ericsson, you can
restore it after a master reset.
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