Sony Ericsson G700 Cell Phone User Manual

O Select a picture.
P Select More > Edit.
For more information about the
features and how to use them, see
the Web guide in your phone or on
the Sony Ericsson Web page.
The music player supports
formats such as MP3, WMA,
WAV, AAC, AAC+ and eAAC+. For
a list of all supported media
formats, see the Web guide.
To play music or other audio
N From standby select Menu >
Media > Music.
O Browse for music or tracks by
Albums, Artists, Tracks,
Compilations, Auto playlists,
Playlists, Audiobooks, Podcasts
and My recordings.
P Scroll to the desired track and
select Play.
To adjust the volume
Press the Volume keys.
To minimize the music player
When the music player is open,
press and hold down . The
music continues to play. To return
to the music player, press
in the Status bar.
A playlist describes which tracks
to play, and in which order. The
playlist only contains links to the
tracks, so when you remove
tracks from the playlist, the actual
sound files are not deleted.
To create a playlist
With Media open, select Music >
Playlists > New playlist.
Skip to previous track
Skip to next track
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