Sony Ericsson G700 Cell Phone User Manual

PlayNow™ is an entertainment
download service. You can
preview content before purchase.
To use PlayNow™ you need an
Internet connection. See Setting
up Internet, email and MMS in the
Web guide.
You can download a preview
sample for most content available
at PlayNow™ before deciding to
To preview PlayNow™ content
N From standby select Menu >
Entertainment > PlayNow™.
O Select Preview or Play for the
content you wish to preview.
When purchasing content from
PlayNow™, the cost of this
service is displayed in your phone.
The cost is debited to your prepay
card or your phone bill.
To purchase PlayNow™ content
Select Buy next to the content you
want to purchase and follow the
on-screen instructions.
To listen to the radio you need to
insert the handsfree, since the
radio uses the handsfree cable as
an antenna. However, you can still
listen to the sound through the
speaker or through a Bluetooth™
connected headset.
To listen to the radio
N Connect the handsfree to the
O From standby select Menu >
Entertainment > FM radio.
To automatically find and store
radio channels
From standby select Menu >
Entertainment > FM radio > More >
Auto store.
This service is not available in all
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