Sony Ericsson G700 Cell Phone User Manual

18 Getting to know the phone
You can tap an icon to get more
information or to start an
application. Below is a short
description of the most common
icons appearing in the status bar.
You can use the status bar menu
to quickly get access to:
New call, SMS, MMS and more.
Volume, time and keylock.
To access the status bar menu
Select in the status bar.
fÅçå cìåÅíáçå
3G available
Battery strength
Bluetooth headset
Bluetooth activated
Current line selection
(Alternative Line Service
available on the SIM card)
All calls diverted
Email message received
Flight mode
Internet connection
activated (flashes when
data is transferred)
Keylock activated
Missed incoming call
Picture message received
Muted microphone
Ring volume set to zero
Signal strength in phone
Silent mode
Text message received
Speakerphone activated
Status bar menu
Task manager
Voicemail received
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