Sony Ericsson G700 Cell Phone User Manual

To use the browser you need an
Internet connection. See Setting
up Internet, email and MMS in the
Web guide.
To start the browser
From standby select Menu >
All navigation commands and
settings are available from the
More menu. The most common
operations are also available as
keyboard shortcuts.
To switch to landscape view
With the browser open select
More > Settings and mark the
Landscape check box.
To exit landscape view
Select > Settings and unmark
the Landscape check box.
Key cìåÅíáçå
Enter address
Open the bookmarks list
Close the current page
Go to the homepage
Switch between loading
and not loading pictures
Switch between normal
and Fullscreen display
Switch to the next page
Open the Configuration
Add a bookmark for the
current page
Find (on the Internet or on
the current page)
Go to the top or bottom of
the page
Stop or Reload the current
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