Sony Ericsson G700 Cell Phone User Manual

46 Media
To add songs to a playlist
N With Music open, mark one or
more tracks.
O Select More > Add to playlist.
The music player creates
automatic playlists based on, for
example, how often you listen to
the tracks.
If you stop the playback of an
audiobook or a podcast channel,
a bookmark is automatically set
on this position. For more
information, see Media in the Web
With Video, you can watch clips
stored on your phone. Video can
play MPEG-4, H.263, H.264,
WMV9 and Real Video formats.
To play a video clip
N From standby select Menu >
Media > Video.
O Navigate to the clip you want to
watch and select Play.
During playback, you can use the
playback controls. See Playback
controls on page 45.
To move within a video clip
Tap on the progress bar.
To change screen orientation
During playback, tap the screen in
the video playback area to switch
between landscape and portrait
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