Sony Ericsson G700 Cell Phone User Manual

To find a message
N Press on the keypad.
O Select More > Find message to
search through the subject lines,
sender details and the text of the
When you receive a message, you
can save the contact details of the
person who sent the message.
To save a sender’s contact
N Select the sender’s phone
number, name or email address in
the details tab or From: in the
address tab.
O Select Add to Contacts.
If your phone is already
connected to the Internet when
you send an email message or an
MMS message it remains
connected after sending.
To disconnect from the Internet
N Select the connection icon, for
example , in the status bar.
O In Connections manager, mark
the check box for your
P Select Close.
If you receive an invitation to an
appointment via an email
message, and you accept, your
calendar is updated automatically.
You can also reply to and forward
an invitation.
With push email, email messages
received in your ordinary mailbox
are automatically sent to your
phone. You can send messages
from your phone, and also use
Calendar and Contacts as if you
were using the ordinary email
application in your computer.
Depending on your operator and
market, you can have a different
push email client installed on your
IMAP Push email is also available
on your phone.
In an open message, Find searches
through the message.
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