Sony Ericsson G700 Cell Phone User Manual

To access RDS settings
When the FM radio is open, select
More > Settings > RDS options.
You can use TrackID™ to find out
the name of a song. You record a
few seconds of music using the
microphone or from the built-in
FM radio. The sample is then sent
to the TrackID™ database. If a
match is found you can see the
name of the artist, the album and
the title of the song. The
TrackID™ service is free, but your
service provider may charge for
the data traffic.
To use TrackID™ you need an
Internet connection. See Setting
up Internet, email and MMS in the
Web guide.
To identify a song using the
N From standby select Menu >
Entertainment > TrackID™.
O Hold the phone close to the
speaker and select Start.
To identify a song played on the
FM radio
When the FM radio is open, tap
This service is not available in all
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