Sony Ericsson G700 Cell Phone User Manual

50 Connectivity
To exchange information between
your phone and another device
you can use, for example, a USB
or a Bluetooth™ connection.
When connecting your phone to a
computer, certain tasks require
that you have PC Suite for Sony
Ericsson installed on your
computer. You can install it from
the CD delivered with your phone
or go to
support for the latest version.
You can use PC Suite for many
things, including synchronizing
phone data with Microsoft®
Outlook® in your computer or
making backups of phone data.
See PC Suite in the Web guide for
more information.
PC Suite requires a USB cable
connection, but for certain
applications you can alternatively
use a Bluetooth connection.
With a USB connection you can,
for example, transfer files between
your phone and a computer,
synchronize and make backups of
phone data.
When you connect your phone
and computer using the USB
cable two options appear, File
transfer mode and Phone mode.
In file transfer mode you can
transfer files to and from your
computer substantially faster
compared to phone mode.
However, in file transfer mode
Microsoft® Windows® Explorer
will only show the memory card (if
To transfer files in file transfer mode
you do not need PC Suite installed on
your computer. For phone mode, PC
Suite is required.
Do not remove the USB cable from
your phone or computer during file
transfer as this may cause a loss of
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