Sony Ericsson G700 Cell Phone User Manual

30 Calling
To make an emergency call
N From standby, enter the
emergency number on the
O Select Call.
When dialling, you can find local
SOS numbers in the More menu.
To answer a call
Select Yes.
To reject a call with a busy tone
Select No.
To reject a call with an SMS text
Select More > Send SMS to send
a pre-defined message to the
calling party. Before using this
service, enter the settings from
standby in Menu > Settings > Calls
> Reject with SMS.
To turn on the speakerphone
During a call, select More >
Speakerphone on.
To mute the microphone
During a call, press and hold
down .
To un-mute the microphone
During a call, press .
To mute the ringtone
Select Mute or press .
You can handle multiple calls at
the same time:
Put an ongoing call on hold and
start a new one, or answer an
incoming call.
Start a conference call during
an ongoing call (operator-
Extract one party in a
conference call for a private talk
and put the conference call on
Retrieve a held call, or end it.
Usually no SIM card or PIN code is
required for emergency calls, but this
can be operator-dependent. Contact
your operator for more information.
The message cost is debited to your
prepay card or your phone bill.
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