Sony Ericsson G700 Cell Phone User Manual

You can start a conference call if
you have one active call and one
on hold. The maximum number of
conference parties is five.
To make a conference call
N Make a call and select Hold.
O Repeat the above step for each
P Select More > Start conference
In the call log you can find call
information, such as the type of
call, time, date, phone number
and call length. From standby
select Calls to open it. You can
also make a call or a call note
directly from this application.
If you connect a handsfree or a
Bluetooth™ headset to your
phone, you will need to set how to
answer an incoming call. From
standby select Menu > Settings >
Calls > Handsfree.
Some of the features that your
phone supports can be found
from standby in Menu > Settings >
Accept calls – caller filter.
Add to contacts – add contact
data from the last call.
ALS – line settings, if your SIM
card supports two lines.
Call meter – service to keep
track of your call costs.
Calling cards – call via a calling
card server.
Call waiting – option to get
alerted if there is another call on
the line.
Divert calls – divert calls to
other numbers.
Fixed numbers – only special
numbers can be called.
Flag call – reject a call and set a
reminder to follow it up later.
Restrict calls – options to set
roaming and international call
Textphone accessory – use of a
teletype writer.
Voicemail – your answering
Voice control – you can call and
answer with voice commands.
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