Sony Ericsson G700 Cell Phone User Manual

38 Messaging
R Select Save.
To forward an email message
N From your email account in
Messaging scroll to the message
you wish to forward.
O Select More > Forward.
You can choose not to receive
large messages and only to
receive a header.
To download headers
N From standby select Menu >
Settings > Messaging > Email
O Select your email account.
P Select the Inbox tab.
Q From Download restrictions, select
Just headers.
R Select Save.
To view messages in full screen
N Press on the keypad.
O Select your email account.
P Select More > Settings > Always
To view an attachment you need a
viewer for that type of file. Your
phone comes with pre-installed
viewers for Microsoft® Word,
Microsoft® Excel®, Microsoft®
PowerPoint®, and Adobe™
Acrobat™ files.
You can delete a message both
locally and on your email server.
When you delete it locally, the
message body and attachments
are deleted but the heading
remains. You can download the
message again later with the Get
& send option. When you delete
the message on your server, it is
deleted both in your phone and on
your server.
For IMAP accounts you can also
select Push email and have new email
messages pushed to your phone.
Large attachments increase the size of
an email and the connection time
needed to send it. It is possible to
choose whether to forward the
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