Sony Ericsson G700 Cell Phone User Manual

62 Important information
when worn on the body. For body-worn operation,
the phone has been tested when positioned a
minimum of 15 mm from the body without any
metal parts in the vicinity of the phone or when
properly used with an appropriate Sony Ericsson
accessory and worn on the body.
For more information about SAR and radio
frequency exposure go to:
Malware (short for malicious software) is software
that can harm your mobile phone or other
computers. Malware or harmful applications can
include viruses, worms, spyware, and other
unwanted programs. While your device does
employ security measures to resist such efforts,
Sony Ericsson does not warrant or represent that
your device will be impervious to introduction of
malware. You can however reduce the risk of
malware attacks by using care when downloading
content or accepting applications, refraining from
opening or responding to messages from unknown
sources, using trustworthy services to access the
Internet, and only downloading content to your
mobile phone from known, reliable sources.
Use only Sony Ericsson branded original
accessories and certified service partners. Sony
Ericsson does not test third-party accessories.
Accessories may influence RF Exposure, radio
performance, sound loudness, electric safety and
other areas. Third-party accessories and parts may
pose a risk to your health or safety or decrease
In the US, compatible Sony Ericsson phones may
offer compatibility with TTY terminals (with use of
necessary accessory). For more information call the
Sony Ericsson Special Needs Center on 877 878
1996 (TTY) or 877 207 2056 (voice), or go to
Electronic equipment and batteries
should not be included as household
waste but should be left at an appropriate
collection point for recycling. This helps prevent
potential negative consequences for the
environment and human health. Check local
regulations by contacting your local city office, your
household waste disposal service, the shop where
you purchased the product or calling a Sony
Ericsson Call Center.
Check local regulations or call a Sony
Ericsson Call Center for information.
Never use municipal waste.
If your product comes complete with a removable
memory card, it is generally compatible with the
mobile phone purchased but may not be
compatible with other devices or the capabilities of
their memory cards. Check other devices for
compatibility before purchase or use. If your
product is equipped with a memory card reader,
check memory card compatibility before purchase
or use.
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