Sony Ericsson G700 Cell Phone User Manual

To use email you require an
Internet account and will need to
download the necessary email
settings.You can use the Email
wizard available in the phone
under Menu > Settings >
Messaging > Email accounts or, if
your operator is not supported by
this wizard, do this manually. See
the Help in the phone or Setting
up Internet, email and MMS in the
Web guide.
You can create email messages
from each email account.
To create and send an email
N Press on the keypad.
O Select New.
P Tap To: > Select contact and
browse to your contact or tap to
the side of To: and write the email
address of the recipient. To send
a message to several recipients,
type a comma between each
Q Select Subject: and enter details.
R Write your message and select
S Select Send. You have the option
to send the message immediately
or to save it to Outbox.
Email messages are downloaded
from the email server on the
Internet or at your office. You can
download your email manually or
set when your phone should
check for new email.
To download email messages
N Press on the keypad.
O Select your email account.
P Select More > Get & send.
To download messages
N From standby select Menu >
Settings > Messaging > Email
O Select your email account.
P Select More > Scheduled
Q Mark the Schedule download
check box and enter the times
when you would like to download
email messages.
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