Huawei H868C Cell Phone User Manual

• Lower the volume.
• Close power-draining programs, when you do not need them.
• Turn off the data service.
2.4 Power On or Off Your Mobile
2.4.1 Powering Your Mobile Phone On
Press and hold . If you have protected your mobile phone with a
personal identification number (PIN), enter it before using the mobile
2.4.2 Setting Up Your Mobile Phone
The first time you power on your mobile phone, the phone displays a
setup wizard to help you set up the phone.
The setup wizard helps you:
• Create or sign in to your account
• Make some initial decisions about how you want to use your mobile
2.4.3 Powering Off Your Mobile Phone
1. Press and hold to display the options menu.
2. Touch
Power off
Quick Pwr On
is enabled, the mobile phone will enter deep sleep
mode. If
Quick Pwr On
is disabled, touch
to power off the phone.
2.4.4 Turning On Fast Boot
1. Touch
2. Touch the button next to
Quick Pwr On
Do not turn on
Quick Pwr On
while on an airplane.