Huawei H868C Cell Phone User Manual

10.2.1 Opening Gmail
On the Home screen, touch
. The
mail list appears.
Any emails you decide to keep on your mobile phone will go to your
10.2.2 Switching Between Accounts
1. In the mail list, touch
2. Touch the account that contains the email you want to read.
10.2.3 Creating and Sending an Email
1. In the mail list, touch .
2. Enter the message recipient's email address in the
field. If you are
sending the email to several recipients, separate the email addresses
with commas. You can add as many message recipients as you want.
If you want to send a copy (Cc) or a blind copy (Bcc) of the email to
other recipients, touch , and then touch
Add Cc/Bcc
3. Enter the email subject and write your email.
If you want to add a picture attachment, touch , and then touch
Attach file
to select the picture you want to attach.
4. After writing your email, touch .
10.2.4 Replying to or Forwarding an Email
1. In the mail list, touch the email that you want to reply to or forward.
2. Touch to reply. You can also touch , and then touch
Reply all
3. Do one of the following:
• If you selected
Reply all
, enter your message.
• If you selected
, specify the message recipients and add
any additional text you want to include in the forwarded message.
4. Touch to send, or touch to save as a draft.