Huawei H868C Cell Phone User Manual

6.4 Opening and Viewing a
Multimedia Message
1. In the message list, touch the message thread you wish to view.
2. Touch the multimedia message to view the message.
6.5 Replying to a Message
1. In the message list, touch a text or multimedia message thread to
open it.
2. Touch the text box to compose your message. Once finished, touch
6.6 Searching for a Message
To find a message quickly: On the messages list screen, touch and
enter the contact name or message content to search for.
6.7 Customizing Message Settings
In the message list, touch , and then touch
to customize the
message settings.
7 Getting Connected
7.1 Mobile Networks
Your mobile phone will be automatically configured to use your network
operator's 2G/3G service (if available) when you turn on the phone for
the first time. Note that the SIM/UIM card must be inserted (some
CDMA mobile phones have an integrated UIM card and do not need a
separate UIM card)