Huawei H868C Cell Phone User Manual

10.5.1 Opening YouTube
On the Home screen, touch
. You will then see the
YouTube screen.
10.5.2 Searching for a Video
1. On the
screen, touch .
2. Enter a search keyword, and then touch the Search icon.
3. You will see a number of search results displayed below the
notification bar. Scroll through the results and touch a video to watch
10.5.3 Sharing a Video
From the video list on the
screen, select a video clip and touch
to share the video.
10.6 Play Store
Play Store
provides direct access to applications and games
which you can download and install on your phone.
10.6.1 Opening Play Store
1. On the Home screen, touch
Play Store
2. When you open
Play Store
for the first time, the
Google Play Terms of
window will appear. Touch
to continue.
10.6.2 Installing an Application
1. In the
Play Store
, select a category, and then touch the application you
want to download. On the application details screen, you can view
more information about the selected application, such as its cost,
overall rating, user comments, and similar applications in which you
might be interested. You can also scroll down to view information
about the application developer, including other applications from the
same developer and a link to the developer's website. In addition, you
can send the developer an email.