Huawei H868C Cell Phone User Manual

2.8.3 Viewing Recently Used Applications
To display the list of recently used applications, press and hold . To
open an application, touch the corresponding thumbnail. To close the
application, flick left or right across the screen.
2.9 Using a microSD™ Card
2.9.1 Using the microSD Card as a USB Mass
To transfer all your favorite music and pictures from your PC to your
mobile phone's microSD card, set the microSD card as a USB mass
1. Connect your mobile phone to your PC with the USB cable provided.
Your PC will detect the microSD card as a removable storage device.
2. Open the notification bar, and then touch
USB connected
3. Touch
Turn on USB storage
in the dialog box that opens to confirm that
you want to transfer files.
You can now transfer files from your PC to your mobile phone's
microSD card.
When your microSD card acts as a USB mass storage, your mobile
phone will not use this memory space. Ensure that you follow the
correct procedures to disconnect the USB mass storage device
(your mobile phone) from the PC when you have finished
transferring files.
2.9.2 Removing the microSD Card
1. On the Home screen, touch
2. Scroll down the screen, and then touch
Unmount SD card
3. Carefully remove the microSD card.