Huawei H868C Cell Phone User Manual

7.5.2 Pairing with and Connecting to a Bluetooth
You can do the following by using the Bluetooth:
• Hands Free Profile (HFP): allows you to use a hands-free Bluetooth
• Headset Profile (HSP): allows you to use a mono Bluetooth headset.
• Object Push Profile (OPP): allows you to transfer files over a
Bluetooth connection.
• Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP): allows you to use a
stereo Bluetooth headset.
• A/V Remote Control Profile (AVRCP): allows you to remotely control
audio playing using a Bluetooth headset.
Before using the Bluetooth, perform the following steps to pair your
mobile phone with another Bluetooth device:
1. Ensure that the Bluetooth function on your mobile phone is enabled.
2. Under
, touch
.Your mobile phone
will then scan for Bluetooth devices in range.
3. From the list of found devices, touch the device you want to pair your
mobile phone with.
4. If prompted, enter the pairing password to complete the connection.
7.5.3 Sending Files via Bluetooth
With Bluetooth, you can share pictures, videos, or music files with your
family and friends. To send files via Bluetooth:
1. Touch and hold the file to be sent in your mobile phone or SD card.
The active options menu is displayed.
2. Touch
, then
to select a paired device.