Huawei H868C Cell Phone User Manual

. The first participant is automatically placed on hold while you do
3. Once you have connected to the second person, touch to begin
the conference call.
4. To end the conference call and disconnect from everyone, touch
3.3.2 Switching Between Calls
If you receive a new call while you are already in a call, you can switch
between the two calls.
1. While you are in the first call and the second call comes in, answer
the incoming call, and then touch .
2. The current call is placed on hold and you are connected to the first
4 People
application enables you to save and manage information
such as phone numbers and addresses of your contacts. After you save
contact information on your mobile phone, you have easy access to the
people with whom you want to communicate.
4.1 Opening the People
On the Home screen, touch
to open the
• If you have not yet added any contacts to your mobile phone, touch
to create a contact.
• Any contacts that are already saved on your mobile phone are
displayed alphabetically in a list that you can scroll through.