Huawei H868C Cell Phone User Manual

2.4.5 Restarting Your Mobile Phone
1. Press and hold to display the options menu.
2. Touch
3. Touch
2.4.6 Using Airplane Mode
Some locations may require you to turn off your phone's wireless
connections. Rather than powering off your phone, you can place it in
Airplane mode
1. Press and hold .
2. Touch
Airplane mode
in the options menu.
2.5 Using the Touchscreen
2.5.1 Touchscreen Actions
: Tap the screen with your finger to select an item,
confirm a selection, or start an application.
Touch and hold
: Touch an item with your finger and do not
release it until the mobile phone responds. For example, to
open the options menu for the active screen, touch and hold the
screen until the menu appears.
: Move your finger either vertically or horizontally across
the screen.
: Touch and hold the desired item with your finger. To
move an item, drag the item to any part of the screen. You can
drag an icon to move or delete it.