Huawei H868C Cell Phone User Manual

3. Make the desired changes to the contact information, and then touch
. To cancel all of your changes, touch
4.6 Communicating with Your
You can quickly call or send a text (SMS) or multimedia (MMS)
message to a contact's default phone number. You can also open
details to view a list of all the ways you can communicate with that
contact. This section describes how to communicate with a contact
when viewed in your contacts list.
4.6.1 Using Quick Contact for Android
1. Touch the contact's picture or picture frame (if you have not assigned
a picture to the contact) to open Quick Contact for Android.
2. Touch the icon for the way you want to communicate with the contact.
The icons available depend on the information you have entered for
the contact, the applications installed on your phone, and the
accounts you have.
4.6.2 Communicating with a Contact
1. In the contacts list, touch the contact that you want to communicate
2. On the contact's details screen, you can communicate with the
contact in one of the following ways:
• Touch the phone number to place a call.
• Touch the email address to send an email.
• Touch to send a text message.