Huawei H868C Cell Phone User Manual

10.4.1 Enabling the Location Service
Before you open
to find your location or search for places of
interest, you must enable the location service.
1. On the Home screen, touch
2. Touch
Location services
3. Select the
Google's location service
check box, the
GPS satellites
box, or both.
10.4.2 Opening Maps
On the Home screen, touch
to open the application.
10.4.3 Searching for Places of Interest
1. On the map, touch .
2. Enter the place you want to search for in the search box, and then
touch the Search icon.
3. Your search results will then be displayed. Touch a place you are
interested in and the application will show where it is on the map.
10.4.4 Getting Directions
1. While viewing a map, touch .
2. Enter the starting point in the first text box, and then enter your
destination in the second text box.
3. Touch the icon for car, public transit, or walking directions.
4. Touch
. Your directions will appear in a list.
5. Touch a direction item on the list to show it on the map.
6. When you finish viewing or following the directions, touch , and
then touch
Clear Map
to reset the map.
10.5 YouTube™
is Google's free online video streaming service for watching,
searching for, and uploading videos.