Huawei H868C Cell Phone User Manual

7.3 Controlling Data Usage
Data usage
, you can set a data usage cycle and the mobile data
limit for this period. You will be notified when data usage reaches the set
limit. You can also query the data usage within a certain period or by a
certain application.
On the Home screen, touch
Data usage
to configure the
data usage settings:
• Touch
Mobile data
to turn on or off the mobile data function. The
mobile data function must be turned on to configure data control and
query data usage.
• Select the
Set mobile data limit
check box. When data traffic reaches
the preset limit, your phone's mobile data connection will be disabled.
• Touch the scroll arrow beside
Data usage cycle
, then
Change cycle...
After setting the data usage cycle, touch
• Drag the red line to set a data usage limit or the orange line to set a
warning limit. When data traffic reaches the yellow line, you will be
notified; when data traffic reaches the red line, your phone's mobile
networks data connection will be disabled.
• Scroll the white time axis to view data usage within a certain period.
• Touch an application to check its data usage.
7.4 Browser
Your mobile phone comes with an Internet browser pre-installed.
7.4.1 Basic Operations
to open the home page.
When known or open Wi-Fi networks and mobile data networks are
available at the same time, your phone will preferably select a Wi-
Fi network for Internet access.
Touch on the upper section of the screen, and all web pages
currently open are displayed. You can: