Huawei H868C Cell Phone User Manual

11.1 Managing Your Accounts
You can synchronize contacts, email, and other information on your
mobile phone with multiple Google accounts or other kinds of accounts,
depending on the applications installed on your mobile phone.
For example, you can start by adding your personal Google account, so
your personal email, contacts, and calendar are always available. You
could then add a work account, so your work-related emails and work
contacts are handy. If you like, you may add multiple Google accounts
or other accounts.
11.1.1 Adding an Account
When you add an account, the
application compares contacts
from the newly synchronized account with contacts from your existing
mobile phone accounts and attempts to merge duplicates into a single
entry in
. While it is presented as a single contact entry, the
contact data itself is not merged.
1. On the Home screen, touch
Accounts & sync
. The
screen displays your current synchronization settings and a list of
your current accounts.
In some cases, you may need to obtain account details from IT
support. For example, you may need to know the account's domain
or server address.
2. Touch
3. Touch the kind of account to add.
4. Follow the onscreen steps to enter the required and optional
information about the account. Most accounts require a username
and password, but the details depend on the kind of account and the
configuration of the service to which you are connecting.
5. Configure the account. Depending on the kind of account, you may
be asked to configure what kind of data you want to synchronize to
the mobile phone, to name the account, and for other details. When
you are finished, the account is added to the list on the
Accounts &