Huawei H868C Cell Phone User Manual

9 Entertainment
In addition to being a communication device and personal assistant,
your mobile phone also provides you with a multitude of entertainment
possibilities. You can take photos, create videos and audio clips, and
download and listen to music.
9.1 Taking Photos and Recording
The camera is a combination of camera and camcorder that you can
use to shoot and share pictures and videos.
9.1.1 Opening Your Camera
• Touch
to open the camera.
• Touch to close the camera.
9.1.2 Taking a Photo
1. Open your camera application and switch it to camera mode.
2. If necessary, change the camera settings. The preview changes as
you change the settings.
3. Frame your photo within the photo capture screen.
4. Touch to take your photo.
Thumbnail of last
photo. Touch to
preview the photos
or videos.
Touch to take a
Touch to customize the camera settings.
Drag up to take
photos, drag down
to record videos.